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Skate électrique Evo spririt

The Skate Cross Park offers rental of the latest Electric Skateboard of the brand “Evo Skate” equipped with a 1000W motor for exciting ried. The model Cross 10V4 is suitable for all surfaces it’s great for beguiners and experienced riders alike. Equipped with spring trucks, these electric skateboards give good control at low speeds ans more stability at high speeds. To make it easier to carry your board there is a handle.

Simple to use, the electric skateboard is controlled by remote control Bluetooth with a screen that allows you to choose a speed to suit your ability. To set off, you just pull the lever towards you. When you release you free wheel. To brake push the lever away.

For fun and excitement came and discover this new sport on our purpose-built track specially for electric skateboards. Maximum pleasure and adrenaline in a safe environment for all ages from 10.

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